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A “Security Hologram” is not made by printing or by special kind of ink as is commonly believed, but by the sophisticated technology of “Laser Optics” and is basically used to put a check on duplicity & piracy of products and documents. Apart from Security purposes, Holograms are also used for Brand Promotion.

Hologram is “Tamper Evident” in nature, i.e.; once affixed on a substrate and if it is tried to be peeled off, the hologram containing the holographic image will be destroyed. Hence it cannot be reused. Sticker can be removed from one place and reused again.

Holograms are the best Product Security & Authentication Seal available. Virtually impossible to copy by any known printing technique, there is absolutely no case of a well-designed and authentic hologram being copied accurately. Producing an original hologram is a highly technical, time consuming and expensive affair. It is virtually impossible to copy by any known printing technique. Traditional tools that counterfeiters use such as Cameras, Scanners, Colour Photocopiers, Analogue and Digital printing do not work on hologram. The equipment and skill necessary for origination and mass production of holograms is a fairly difficult affair. Counterfeiters inherently select the path of least resistance and move to target brands & products that are easier to copy.

If your project or product requires a hologram label but you find the cost a deterrent you may be interested in using one of our stock holographic images. The hologram security labels can be used as they are or customized with overprinting or sequential numbering. However, because they are available to anyone who wants to purchase them, stock holograms do not offer the same level of security as customized holograms.

Yes, it can be produced in different foil colours, i.e.; Silver, Golden, Copper, Pink, Green, Blue etc. along with many shades of multicolour foil. A customized colour can also be produced if the order quantity is significant.

Paper Labels, Shrink sleeves, Stamping foils, Strip / spool form, Scratch Labels, Wads, Aluminium foils, Tagger foils etc.

We need to get P.O. on company letter head along with company’s GST / Registration / TIN no./PAN No. etc. to ensure the authenticity of the Brand.

The Smallest size of a hologram is 10 mm X 10 mm and the largest size is 150 mm X 150 mm.

The different shapes of a hologram can be Square, Rectangle, Circle, Elliptical, Rhombus or any other special shape. The corners of a hologram could be sharp or rounded.

It can be affixed on all the products / substrates. However it cannot be affixed on oily, greasy and dusty surfaces.

Additional Security Features (other than Holographic) which can be incorporated are :

Colour of the foil: We can provide hologram in customized and different colours.

Inkjet Numbering: Fixed or Sequential numbering which can be pure numeric or a combination of alphabets and numbers can be printed. Additional information like Batch No., Month and Year of Manufacture etc. can also be printed.

UV Numbering: Fixed or Sequential numbering which can be pure numeric or a combination of alphabets and numbers can be printed. Additional information like Batch No., Month and Year of Manufacture etc. can also be printed. This type of printing is not visible to naked eye and can be viewed only under special light.

Laser etching: Laser etching on the holograms can be provided which is permanent impression. The laser etched portion in the hologram adapts the color of the substrate on which it is pasted. We can Laser Mark Sequential and Fixed numeric alpha numeric date, signatures, images and logos.

Thermal printing: Fixed or Sequential numbering which can be pure numeric or a combination of alphabets and numbers can be printed. Additional information like Batch No., Month and Year of Manufacture etc. can also be printed. Also, Images, Linear Bar codes and 2D Bar Codes can also be printed.

White Code Marking: Fixed information such as a person signature, name, year and codes can be printed. This is a permanent marking.

Yes we can print 1D Barcodes and 2D Barcodes on a Security Hologram

Holograms as such can be broadly classified into four categories but their features are endless.

  • 2D/3D Effect: Normal level Security
  • Kinetic Animation Effect: Medium security
  • Dot Matrix Effect: High Level Security
  • E-Beam Effect: Highest Level Security
  • Photopolymer Effect: Ultimate holographic technology till date
  • As the level of security increases, the Origination cost also increases.

If you are interested to make a hologram for your brand or company, just send us your logo, company name, website, picture or any such matter which you want us to incorporate in the hologram preferably in Corel Draw format by Email. If you do not use this software you can also send us in JPEG, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, GIF Image Etc. We will customize your hologram’s design and send the same for approval.

The answer is simple; Holographic Creations is a fully integrated professionally managed custom hologram label manufacturer. We are fully equipped to handle your security hologram label job from concept to finished product. All processes are in-house, allowing us to precisely control security, quality and cost. We provide the best technology, security, quality and pricing to our valued customers.

We pledge and assure you of 100% secrecy and security of your holograms manufactured by us and takes 100% precautionary measures at all levels of our business cycle.

They are 23-50 microns thick.

You will get an Adobe PDF or JPEG visual of your hologram prior to production. It is not economically viable to make a true hologram proof. However, if this essential, we can quote you for a proof separately.

From start to finish, around 15 to 20 working days are required for the first order. In very urgent cases, we can also execute in shorter duration. For repeat orders, we supply in one week time.

We can provide only large volume order on rolls.

Of course, please email is your address and contact details, and we shall be happy to send you the samples.

Holograms are made using Precision Optical and special Photosensitive Materials, which are exposed with Laser Light. After the first Hologram is made in the Laboratory (Known as the MASTER), the Holographic Image can be copied repeatedly on a variety of formats, depending on the intended applications and required quantities.

Hologram is cheapest media to prevent duplicity. People are spending billions to create confidence in customers mind whereas by spending few penny Hologram can be used for branding, to remove duplicity and to create a belief in customers that the product is genuine.

Hologram is very difficult to copy. Generally what passes as copies of holograms are not holograms at all, but diffractive material with screen printing and or hot stamping with various foils. To the untrained eye they appear like holograms because they have some form of rainbow colours.

Holograms have 3D holographic visual effects. Holograms or holographic labels when put to an ordinary light or laser beam exposure it exhibits distinct hologram properties. A hologram displays the inscriptions in prismatic effect. This prismatic display of holograms is security symbols. This holographic seal certifies the authenticity of the product, service or document. Therefore, holograms are a guarantee against duplicity, counterfeit production. Holograms itself cannot be copied, duplicated or tampered.

Master is the final artwork of the desired hologram the users intend to use. Master of any hologram, holographic sticker, holographic seal or holographic label is prepared for one time only. Repeat manufacturing of holograms does not need require repeat production of master for the holograms.

Holograms are the most effective method of recording serial numbers. Holographic serial numbers can easily be recorded in products, services or documents. Holographic serial numbers are beyond tampering. This makes holograms. The most authenticate security serial number system.